Google AdSense automatic AD Settings

If you've been manually optimizing your site for Google AdSense ads, go ahead and upgrade your site to AdSense Ads as well. AdSense Ads is a new family of AD formats that make it easy for your site to make money. Deploying automatic ads is as simple as placing the same AD code once at the beginning of the page. After adding the code, Google uses artificial intelligence to automatically serve ads on the site that provide a good user experience.

Optimizing AdSense ads used to take a lot of work, including tuning different sizes, checking click-through rates, evaluating results, etc., and deploying different code for different locations. However, after a while of testing, I found that automated ads performed no worse than manually optimized ads, and even better. You can put a lot of manual can not set the form of advertising, such as text advertising, floating advertising, users can put their energy on the creation of content, automatic advertising will automatically place and optimize advertising for the website, can save a lot of time.

- How automated ads work

AdSense automated ads use Google's machine learning technology to do the following:

1, understand the user's web page structure.

2. Check all existing Google ads on the web.

3. Automatically place new ads based on various elements such as the layout of the site, the amount of content on the page, and existing Google ads.

If a user makes a change to a website, Google detects the change and reanalyzes the page.

- Automatic advertising format

Adsense Auto Ads includes the following AD formats.

1. Text Ads and Display Ads: Text Ads and Display Ads are the type of banner ads displayed on web pages. These ads can be displayed anywhere on a Web page.

2. Embedded Ads: Embedded Ads insert ads into articles, allowing you to place native ads between paragraphs of a page. The AD format uses a high quality source of advertiser material that dramatically increases click-through rates and looks attractive. Such ads are displayed only between large paragraphs of text on a Web page that contains a sufficiently long article.

3. News stream ads (mobile only) : News stream ads can blend naturally with the content on the website. They are displayed in the editor's selected information stream (article or news list) or product details stream (product list, service list). News feed ads are native ads, which means Google automatically adjusts them to fit the look of the content on the site. When a visitor scrolls down a website page to see an article or a list of products and sees an AD in the news stream, it looks comfortable and natural, not at all obtrusive, and doesn't mistake it for content.

4. Matched Content (mobile only) : Matched content is a type of mobile native advertising that pairs ads with recommendations from websites. Increase page presentation times by providing visitors with more content relevant to their needs.

- Some tips and tweaks to place ads on your website

Adsense ads are usually displayed at the appropriate size on the site, but there are also abnormal display cases, for example, for some of the code is not written properly, Adsense ads may be displayed at 100% width on the site, the width of the display is abnormal, very unsightly.

This situation can be modified by:

The site deploys a global CSS file by adding the following code to the CSS file:

body, {max-width:***;margin-left: auto;margin-right: auto;word-break: break-all;}

*** Fill in the maximum width of the content

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